17 Indispensable Salad Recipes and 17 Holiday Recipes Now Available on Amazon Kindle!

The first two eBooks of the 17-eBook series, 17 Recipes for the Paleo, Primal, and Gluten-Free Inclined, are now available on Amazon Kindle! Author, Allison Abdelnour, begins the series with 17 Indispensable Salad Recipes because for her, learning how to make amazingly tasty salads was an important step in being successful at eating in a more healthy way.

The Second Book, 17 Holiday Recipes, was written to introduce eaters of all types to new healthy holiday recipe traditions. Whether you are cooking for Thanksgiving, Christmas,Hanukkah, or any other special paleo holiday meal, you will find recipes here that will help you keep you energized and committed to the dietary choices you want to be making.

The third book, 17 Delectable Dessert Recipes, comes with the idea in that knowing how to make desserts that contain far less sweetener and use healthier ingredients than traditional dessertsyou can more easily stay committed to your ideal eating choices.

All 17 Recipes eBooks are available for a free download for the first day of their release. Find out when these new eBooks and more will be available by signing up for the 17 Recipes Newsletter and in the meantime check out a few recipes here on the 17 Recipes Blog.

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  1. nura says:

    love your recipes

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